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Anonymous said: Hi Yeti, I've been following your blog for a long time and I've always really liked your views and morals and agreed with them- however, my parents were both "dumb hippie"s an neither I nor both my sisters were immunised and out of the three of us maybe one will get a cold every two years. We've got plenty of family and friends who weren't immunised either and all of them have much better immune systems than friends who were. So poo you. Don't be rude.


I respect every person’s decision to do what they want with their own bodies, but here’s how people who decide not to participate in immunizations kill people for real:

Science-based medicine wiped out smallpox using vaccines. Smallpox, let me remind you, used to kill 400,000 Europeans PER YEAR! That’s all American gun deaths PLUS all American car deaths TIMES FIVE. So we got rid of that motherfather. With science. No big deal.

Measles, not quite the killer that Smallpox was, but we were on our way to eliminating it. Also with science. Using vaccines. Now, measles is coming back. That’s like 400 - 500 kids a year dying and 1000 people per year becoming disabled for life because hippies don’t want to vaccinate their kids.

You and your friends are healthy? That’s wonderful. I cannot tell you how happy I am for you and your friends. However, that’s not how vaccines work. You and your friends could probably all get measles and be fine a week later. No big deal. You know who it is a big deal to, though? The baby you accidentally gave measles to when you didn’t know you were contagious yet. And the old lady on the bus who was unfortunate enough to be inhaling oxygen right at the time you coughed.

They’re dead now. They’re dead forever because of your hippie parents.

Healthy people need to be vaccinated against diseases we have vaccinations for because some people are not healthy and those diseases will kill them.

Why does nobody talk about the awful quality controls on vaccines? Why doesn’t anybody mention all the people poisoned by mercury and other toxins that get up into vaccines to make them cheaper. Do people just not remember? Has the propaganda been so effective?

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Anti-Super Mario Propaganda Posters by Fro Design

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